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Covid-19 Risk Minimisation

A message to our Renown Kindergarten community.


Renown is working to keep children and staff as safe as possible, following COVID Safe rules and recommendations from the Victorian Government. Families can also help to reduce the spread of cases in the community.

Are masks required on site at Renown?

The Victorian Department of Education and Training is encouraging all staff, parents/carers and students aged 8 years and over to wear face masks when indoors.

As a result, we are asking parents, carers and children aged 8 years and older who enter the indoor areas of the service to wear masks from now to the end of winter.

Children aged 2 years or younger should not wear a mask, because it is a choking and suffocation risk.

Masks for staff in ECEC services are not recommended in circumstances where staff are actively teaching, and clear enunciation or visibility of the mouth is essential.

Are vaccinations required to attend Renown? 

The Government strongly recommends that all adults get vaccinated against flu and COVID-19. A winter dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is available for all adults over 30, and strongly recommended for adults aged over 50. Contact your GP or pharmacist for details.

Children can get the COVID-19 vaccine when they turn 5 years, and can get a flu vaccine if they are 6 months or older. Contact your GP, pharmacist or your immunisation provider to book a vaccine for your child.

If your child has COVID-19

If your child has symptoms, please keep them at home. Staff and children are required to stay home when unwell, as this will reduce the likelihood of passing on COVID-19 as well as colds and flu. Children should stay home and get tested if they have symptoms such as fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose or loss or change in sense of smell or taste. Positive cases are still required to isolate for 7 days from the day they took their test. You must continue to notify the Department of Health and our service if your child returns a positive COVID-19 result. Additionally, you should inform us if your child is a household contact.


Distribution of Rapid Antigen Test
Our service will continue to distribute RATs to families as we have been doing, but children no longer need to take a RAT test twice a week. RATs, however, will continue to be needed if someone in your household has COVID-19, or if your child has symptoms such as fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or a runny nose.

Children who are close contacts, with no symptoms, will require 5 negative tests over a 7-day period to attend the service. The ongoing supply of RATs to families in our early childhood service will ensure that parents and carers will have them should they need them. These RATs are provided by the Victorian Government and will continue to be distributed to families during Term 3 and Term 4 of 2022 (until 20 December 2022).

What safety measures are in place at Renown?

In our everyday practice, Renown has strict protocols around cleaning to ensure children and staff’s health, safety and wellbeing is a priority. 

During this time, we have increased the frequency of our centre cleaning, following the  guidelines for risk minimisation outlined by the Department of Education. Staff complete a daily checklist to ensure that all elements of maintaining health and hygiene are adhered to.

Professional, medical-grade disinfectant products are used during these processes to ensure all surfaces are as germ-free as possible. Staff now wear face masks on drop off and pick up, parents have also been asked to also wear a face mask at these times. This in line with the advice from the Victorian Government.


An updated procedure document, outlining protocols for attending kindergarten, has been developed to support our families in understanding and adhering to these strict safety measures. 

View Renown Kindergartens 2022 COVID-Safe-Plan

Concerned about the virus? What can we do to protect children and ourselves?

Renown Kindergarten continues to be guided by the Government's guidelines. We recommended that you are informed by legitimate sources. Here are some links to guide you.


Should I talk to my child about Coronavirus?

There are some great resources to support this conversation. We have shared these via our social media platforms. 

Will I be notified if there are any diagnosed cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) at Renown Kindergarten?

At this point in time, there have been no reported cases of COVID-19 linked to
Renown. Should there be a case linked to the Centre, staff will notify the Victorian Department of
Health and Human Services (DHHS) and lodge a notification. Be assured that Renown is closely monitoring the situation and advice from the relevant government departments. Any closure of the service will only occur on advice from the Victorian Department of Education and Training. We are in the process of planning what it may look like if closure is required, and families will be well informed.

I have further questions where can I go for answers?

Renown's current admin staff are working from home. Please contact us via the email below for any further questions. 

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