Passionate, dedicated, and loving, Renown teachers love their work and it shows in everything they do. Our goal is to make a positive difference on young kids who come to our Kindergarten.


Program Director
Teacher - 4 year old Wombats

Hello! My name is Sally and I am the 4 year old teacher and Program Director at Renown. Working in Early Childhood Education has been a lifelong passion for me and I am lucky enough to work alongside these future scientists, explorers, artists, politicians, performers and amazing citizens on a daily basis. My love of literacy is one that I take great pride in sharing with my class. You can often find me with a classic fairy tale in hand or teaching the basics of reading and writing.
As teachers we have the important role of intertwining concrete learning with a play based curriculum, one which encourages risk taking, exploration, discovery and wonder. Making the most of the great outdoors is essential in tapping into the children’s imagination and creativity. It is for this reason that when I am outdoors there is nothing better than getting all messy in our mud kitchen!


Teacher - 4 year old Koalas

Hi there, my name is Coral and I am the the teacher for the Koala group at Renown Kindergarten.
Indoors I like helping children express their creativity through art and a range of other resources, and I love books and reading stories together. Outdoors I love seeing children enjoy all the sensory experiences and the space to run and explore their environment.
It's always special to me to see children develop their confidence and sense of identity, and express pride in sharing this with others. I think empathy, compassion and respect  for ourselves and one another is so important and hope to nurture these qualities in my work with children each day.


Teacher - 3 year old  Possums & French Les Coccinelles *On maternity leave

My favourite indoor learning experience would have to revolve around imaginative play such as cooking or role play as I believe children learn so many interactional skills through their natural play.  My favourite outdoor learning experience would be water painting and mud play.  I enjoy having the opportunity to witness children grow and learn and see the difference I can make in their lives. Teaching children social and emotional skills is very important to me as I believe they are skills that we need to learn and develop early in order to be successful learners.
I am passionate about literacy and implementing literary experiences through natural and explicit teaching. I'm also extremely passionate about assisting children with special needs and catering to each child's individual needs


Teacher - 3 & 4 year old French Les Coccinelles

Bonjour! My name is Cécile and I am one of the French teachers, I currently teach the Coccinelles on Thursdays and Fridays at Renown. In our class the children have been passionate about science and understanding the world around them, especially bugs! I enjoy observing and sharing my knowledge with children! I love seeing the children improve their French speaking skills and I am passionate about linguistics. Helping children to develop language skills through the approach of learning different languages at the same time is a key component of why I love my job.


Teacher - *Currently on maternity leave

Hello my name is Bree, I am currently undertaking my Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching and began working in the Echidna room at Renown in 2018.
My favourite indoor learning experiences are engaging in sensory play, art and reading stories with the children. I love exploring the outdoors and learning with children in nature.
I am passionate about providing children with a warm and nurturing environment where they can become successful in all areas of learning and development.


Teacher - 3 year old Possums

My name is Cristal and I am the educator in the Possum Group. My favourite things to do at Kinder are yoga, science experiments, dancing and getting my hands dirty especially in the mud patch. The best thing about my job is making children smile and ensuring their day is full of fun! The thing I am most passionate about is a strong education incorporated into a play based curriculum, something that Renown continuously offers.


Teacher - 3 year old Possum

Hello I’m Meg, I am passionate about teaching children through play, exploration, adventure and experimentation. I love to sing and believe music plays a pivotal role in early childhood education. Children love and connect with music as it  gives them the ability to relax, concentrate and be a part of the group no matter their skill or comfort level.
Outside I enjoy seeing the children engage in the natural environment with gardening, feeding the worms, water play and getting messy in the mud pit.
It is special to be a part of young lives, to see them becoming emotionally and socially aware, gaining confidence to share and developing the ability to create and build upon new friendships.


Teacher - 4 year old Wombats 

Hello, my name is Montana and I have begun working in the Wombat room in 2019. I am also currently undertaking my Bachelor of Education (Early Years). The learning experiences I enjoy most include arts and craft, cooking and telling stories together with the children. Outdoors I enjoy playing with the children in the sandpit and exploring the natural environment. I am passionate about play-based learning, and providing exciting learning and development opportunities that are inspired by the children’s interests. I also have a background in dance, and love to play music and dance with the children.


Teacher - 3 year old Echidna & 4 year old Koalas  

Hello, My name is Andrea and I am an educator in the Koalas and Echidna classes. My passion is creating an environment which encourages a child to learn and develop no matter their age, level or talents. 
I believe the experiences we have as a young child impacts on our future development therefore, I strive to be a positive role model where I can inspire each child to reach their full potential. 
My favourite learning takes place outdoors where I love to be active with the children and encourage their curiosity by exploring the garden and nature. 
The best part of being an educator is having the privilege to be creative and fun with the children and watch them grow in confidence each day. 
I love being a part of the Renown Kindergarten team and truly value the relationships I am able to build with all children and families.


Teacher - 3 year old Echidnas &  French Les Coccinelles

Hi, my name is Barbara and I am the bilingual Educator in Les Coccinelles group. I am a Montessori trained teacher and discovered this method of education while living France! I believe the "hands-on" learning method has a significant impact on children at this crucial stage of their educational development. Therefore I enjoy having one-on-one time with the children, making Arts & Crafts and specially working with Practical life and Sensorial materials with them. I have really enjoyed spending time with the children outdoors as they are free to explore all areas of imaginative play and it is very rewarding to see them playing together with smiles on their faces! I couldn't be happier to provide them with a safe, fun and caring environment where their physical, emotional and intellectual development is promoted.


 Teacher - 4 year old Wombats

Hello, my name is Alana and I work with the koala group. I have recently started working in early childhood education and I absolutely love it. I like to help children with literacy based activities such as reading and discussing treasured strorybooks, problem solving and creating artwork. Together we explore the outdoor environment through searching for insects, digging in the sand or playing ball games. I always strive to help children feel safe and nurtured, and of course, to have fun.


Teacher - Extended Care

Hi! My name is Rhedyn. I completed my certificate III in children services in 2010 and have been working with children ever since.
My favourite things to do with the children are arts and craft, cooking, sports and science experiments.  
I believe kindergarten is the most important time in a child’s life so I look forward to making it an unforgettable learning and playful experience.
I look forward to meeting all the children and families and watching each child reach their full potential.


Business Manager

I am Renown's Business Manager and you can find me in the office on Mondays, and Thursdays.
In my role I aim to provide support to all Renown families and to ensure information and help is always accessible and easy to understand.
I believe each child is an unique bundle of potential and I enjoy watching them develop their own personalities and learning styles.



Hello, my name is Beth and I work in the office two days a week. 
In my role I help support families and the kindergarten in an administration role. 
I have worked in a kindergarten and school environment for the last 4 years as a teachers aide. 
In my spare time I enjoy skiing with my family and volunteering at my children's school.

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