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Exceeding Themes


Exceeding National Quality Standard: Service goes beyond the requirements of the National Quality Standard in at least 4 of the 7 quality areas, with at least two of these being quality areas 1, 5, 6, or 7 (ACECQA).

Renown Kindergarten currently holds an exceeding National Quality Standard Rating.

Working Group Areas

Working Groups have been designed to provide a collaborative space for teachers to come together and critically reflect on practice and pedagogy. The teaching team seeks innovative ways of providing exceeding learning programs for the whole Renown Community.


The implementation of these groups has allowed staff to work across teams and formulate ideas and theories around best practice in the early years. Projects are created using research based evidence that is then interpreted by the team and effectively implemented into the daily practices at Renown. Working Groups have provided structure and big picture goals for each individual staff member as well as the team as a whole. 

Renown Kindergarten currently has three allocated Working Group areas

      Anti-bias approaches           Health & Wellbeing       Reconciliation & Indigenous Perspectives.

Anti-bias approach

Renowns anti bias group works to empower children to express their identity and celebrate diversity in themselves, their peers, and in the world around them.

We challenge prejudice and stereotypes and foster positive and respectful relationships, promoting empathy, kindness and equality. Through role modelling and discussions we support children in making connections with others and building a sense of self esteem and wellbeing.

We encourage them to think critically and reflect; using books, videos and interactive materials to guide this learning; and expose them to issues that are integral to their understanding.

We have high expectations for each and every child and nurture their unique ideas, interests and talents. At the heart of why we do what we do is the value we place in community and the belief  that everyone deserves to feel that they are valued and that they belong

Health & Wellbeing

Our focus within the Health and Wellbeing team is to be reflective of our communities needs. Mindfulness and Nutrition have been the leading topics within our team. As kindergarten teachers, our focal point is always around a child’s emotional wellbeing and how our planning can best support this.


In 2019 we introduced the use of  Doterra essential oils in the classroom. These oils have been recognised to help reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety. Furthermore, we have been able to use them in our cleaning products in order to lower the use of toxic chemicals. As a health promoting kindergarten we strive to educate our children about nutrition. It is our aim to encourage families to participate in our learning through weekly cooking classes, where we can share their favourite recipes.


Essential Oils & Children


At Renown we acknowledge that we learn and play on the lands of the People of the Kulin Nations, therefore embedding First Peoples principles and perspectives into our everyday practice is integral. Our group works to provide Indigenous perspectives in all areas of our kindergarten program as well as the physical environment. This practice is reflected in songs, stories, resources and our physical spaces throughout the kinder. 

Embedding Indigenous perspectives is critical for our kinder as well as the wider community, we strive to promote a sense of belonging, equality and welcome to both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous children and families. We regularly reflect on our Acknowledgement toCountry and our relationship to the land which we reside with our children. We also want to demonstrate to the families and wider community that Renown is committed to reconciliation, critical thinking and starting conversations within this space. 


Renown is proud to be developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) through Reconciliation Australia's Narragunnawali platform to strengthen relationships, respect and opportunities in the classroom, around the school and with the community. Learn more about Narragunnawali here 

Reconciliation & Indigenous Perspectives 
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