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The priority of Enrolment at Renown Kindergarten - to allocate enrolment places fairly Renown follows the guidelines listed below:

1)   High Priority children - Children at risk of abuse or neglect including children in Out-of-Home Care, children who are identified as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, children with additional needs who require additional assistance to participate in kindergarten, require a combination of services which are individually planned and/or have an identified specific disability or developmental delay, asylum seeker and refugee children and children eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy. 

2)   Children currently enrolled at Renown:

a)   Students moving from the 3-year-old to the 4-year-old programs

b)   Second year students: students who have been granted a second year of 4-year-old kindergarten

3)   Children who were eligible to attend the previous year and for whom an application form was submitted but either deferred or withdrew from the service before the last day of term one.

4)   Siblings of children who have attended Renown.

5)   Children who reside in the City of Stonnington.

6)   Children who reside elsewhere who have been verified as high priority children.

7)   All other non-residents of the City of Stonnington.


The determining factor, when there are too many applicants of comparable priority, will be the date of reception of ‘Application for Enrolment’ form and non-refundable application fee.  In all circumstances, this form must be submitted within an appropriate period of time in order to be placed on the relevant wait list.

When is my child eligible to commence 3-year-old kindergarten? 

Please note children who turn 3 years old between the commencement of Term 1 and 30th April will be allocated a place but cannot attend without a parent or guardian present during the entire session until they turn 3 years old. This is to ensure that Renown is meeting the regulations, mandated by the Department of Education,  around child and staff ratios for children under 3 years of age.

Parents accepting a position for a child, who will not have turned 3 years by the commencement of Term 1, are still required to pay the full term fees to secure the place, even if the child does not attend. You may choose to enrol closer to your child’s birthday to avoid paying fees, however we cannot guarantee there will be vacancies at this time.

When is my child eligible to commence 4-year-old kindergarten?

Please note: children enrolled in a funded place in the 4-year-old kinder program must turn 4 before or on 30th April in the year they commence 4 year old kinder. Each child is eligible to receive funding for 1 kinder place only. If your child is enrolled in another funded kinder program, at another service, you must advise Renown prior to enrolment. 

Who do I contact if I no longer need a place at Renown Kindergarten?

Please contact us on 03 9827 4747 as soon as possible. This will allow us to offer your place to another child on our waiting list.

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