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Kind, adaptable, flexible, open-minded and nurturing: Renown epitomizes the magic of kinder. With the pandemic, 2020 was a difficult year but Renown’s ability to constantly support and engage with the children and parent community was amazing. Thank you Renown team.

My three year old son Aston loved Renown from the minute we walked in the door. Rather than worrying about separation anxiety, I had to worry about pulling myself together when he didn't miss me at all! Renown is such a warm, inclusive, friendly environment that fosters positive values that align with that of our family. I can't think of a better space to send my most precious little creations. We look forward to next year with Coral and Andrea in the Koala group! Thanks Renown!

We simply love everything about Renown. Keep up the good work

We couldn’t be happier with our time at Renown. Our two boys thrived under the care of Sally and the team. The setting is joyful, caring and safe. I will always have fond memories of our boys at Renown and feel it set them up for starting Prep. Thank you Renown!

Excellent! Incredible teachers, great bilingual program with sports and drama classes every week, great books to take home. Also really appreciated having the opportunity to enroll Lily at the beginning of Term 4 right after she turned 3. Lea and Lily love attending Renown and we're very glad that Lily got to spend a few weeks in class with her older sister.

Our little boy has flourished since joining Renown. Pure and simple. His educators have been his biggest advocates and have seen strengths in him before even we have. Words will never express our gratitude for the care and support he has received. In these pivotal developmental years, we could not dream of a better, more genuinely loving environment for our son.

My twins Athira and Atharv love to go to renown. Coral and Andrea were very helpful and encouraging towards my kids. They provide a safe environment for kids and very friendly towards the kids. Thank you for a wonderful experience and also taking care of my twins. They will miss you all.

We loved the program and excellent teachers.

Our son was enrolled in the bilingual program at REnown for two years. He took a while to adjust to kindergarten but I have nothing but praise for the educators. They were patient, kind and really seem to understand our son and made lots of effort to adjust to his needs and personality. They were great at communicating with us and involving parents in the kindergarten.
The whole kinder did so well adjusting to the 2020 COVID year, it's such a shame our son wasn't able to attend kinder more often in 2020, he eventually loved going and made some great friends. He got a lot out of the bilingual program and we are hoping to send our second child in a few years.

We've had both our children attend Renown and couldn't be happier with the experiences they had there. All the staff are friendly and caring. We wish Renown had a primary school so we could have continued our education journey with them!

We live around the corner from Renown and our daughter, my partner and I had wanted her to attend, largely because we had seen and heard the kinder in action- the adjoining park is our primary "go to" park.

Our daughter would wake up each morning and ask which kinder she was going to that day. When we would say "Kinder around the corner" she would jump out of bed and be super enthusiastic. When it wasn't a "Renown day" she wasn't as excited. That says it all really.

Renown has been a great experience for us. It is a wonderful kinder with excellent teachers and a real community spirit. Our daughter has loved her two years there. She'll really miss everyone, but is excited about going to school and we feel like she's well prepared, even with everything that 2020 has thrown at us

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